Should You Buy Your Hearing Aids Online?

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of trying to explain to a nice, but rather impatient person what was wrong with my computer over the phone.  I’m sure my attempt to explain the problem did not help him to better understand the problem, frustrating both of us. The next day, I took the device to a local computer store where I was able to interact with a different, still very nice young man who was able to solve my problem almost immediately. The difference was in how we were able to interact, I could demonstrate my problem and he could both see the problem and provide solutions until I was happy with the outcome.

Why Local is Better

Hearing aids are complicated electronic devices programmed according to a multitude of objective and subjective criteria. The process of programming these devices requires significant input from the end user (you the patient). It is a process made significantly easier with a far happier outcome when the person fitting the hearing aids is in the same room with the individual who is being fit with the hearing aids.

There is a lot to consider before purchasing hearing aids.  One of those decision, “where to buy your hearing aids” should be at the top of the list. Knowing that you can return to where you purchased the device when you have questions or concerns is less daunting when you know you’ll be able to do it in person. And let’s face it, the customer service is much better. You are going to see us around town. We are not a faceless person you will never run into at the local grocery store. We care about our community and genuinely want our patients to be happy with the service we provide. You matter to us. Our patients come from a relatively small area. We are not a large company providing a product to the masses over the Internet. Our reputation and the outcome of the services we provide are dependent on ensuring that our patients are satisfied. We work hard to keep you happy because that’s what keeps us in business. Before you buy online, visit us and experience the difference.